The Suitable Flower To Show Your Best Wishes

Posted on September 06 2019

The Suitable Flower To Show Your Best Wishes
In modern society, the flower is not only for watching; its cultural value is more and more important. Flower is a common gift for festival, such as wedding, party, business meeting. It is also used as decoration for other important occasions, such as the receptionist and lobby. So the flower etiquette is really important and it is necessary to learn the difference of various flowers. We will talk about what is the best flower for specific festivals/dates below.

First of all, we talk about the Easter. On that date, you can see the beautiful lilies everywhere in the western countries. The charming lilies stand for holy and pure. People like to use the lily blooming before Easter in spring to represent the sanctity in heart of Jesus Christ. The shape of lilies likes trumpets, which seems to proclaim the resurrection of Jesus Christ in our hearts. In particular, the white lily is regarded as the Easter flower in Christianity, which represents the purity and holiness and is absolutely indispensable in Easter.
Real Touch Lily Stem
Then we come to the exciting Halloween. For males, you can invite your beloved to hide and seek in the haunted house. It's sweet to embrace her when she screams. Besides, what kind of flowers should you get for a Halloween date? The vendela and black roses are good choice. The vendela is beautiful and flirtatious as well, which is particularly fascinating. Matching with the Halloween atmosphere, it can more reveal the beauty and charm of girlfriend. For black rose, its flower language is that you are devil and for mine. It is exciting to think that your beautiful girlfriend turns into a demon and accompanies you on Halloween night.
Real Touch Rose Bloom Stem
Graduation is a new start and a new journey in life. Sending graduation flowers is to make the star and the journey with more high-spirited moral and indomitable confidence. So what flowers shall we give for the graduates? The shape of sunflowers likes the sun and its inflorescence rotates with the sun. From this we can know that its flower language is faith, pride, loyalty and love. Also, it represents the courage to pursue their happiness. Therefore, the bouquet should be mainly made of sunflower and decorated with small daisies and green leaves. It reflects the hope that the graduates will be full of vigor and vitality every day.
Sunflower Buttercup and Greenery
The flowers for opening ceremony are also needed to be selected carefully. Generally speaking, the flower basket is very popular as a gift for shops or company opening, which congratulates the prosperous business and plentiful wealth. The flowers should be selected the ones that are with bright dazzling color and with long flowering period, such as dahlia, chrysanthemum rose, calamus and clivia camellia, symbolizing the success of  career and all the best for life. In this case, the artificial flowers have much advantage as it will never fade away and the color will keep bright all the time.

Lastly, congratulations on people’s movement can include houseplants to brighten up the new home. Also the decorative flower is a good option, such as dracaena fragrans, macrophylla and potted plants of foliage plants. Moreover, you can send the mover orchid and camellia flower. In order to show a grand, the sedate and noble flowers are necessary, such as gladiolus and roses.

There are still many other different conditions that need to apply flowers to show our willing and wishes. Flower is the most common but also a very useful gift in our daily life. As long as we use it properly, much embarrassment can be avoided and our wishes can be shown correctly.

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