About Us

Our Story

Simply put, we’re flower people. From roadside wildflowers to the rarest blossoms, we’re constantly inspired by nature’s colors, textures, and shapes. We believe everyone, whether you own a sprawling garden or a studio apartment, should share in this magic. That’s why we opened shop in spring 2019 — to create artificial flowers that capture and preserve this untamed beauty for you to enjoy in your home forever.


Our Philosophy

We believe that artificial can be elegant. That forever-fresh blossoms mean a near endless world of possibilities. And that nothing can brighten a day like a bouquet. If we help bring that same joy to your life, we’ve done our job.


To help you create the flower-filled home that feels uniquely you, we’re constantly adding new products to our extensive collection. We offer artificial flowers, flower stems, flowers in vases, pre-made arrangements, and decor accessories. To spark your creative side, we also stock a variety of faux flowers for crafts and DIY projects. Play around with bouquet designs, put together a new accent for your bookshelf, or perk up your desk with a special stem. Whatever your vision, we can help create it.


Our Products

All our flowers are made by hand to reflect the look and feel of real blossoms. Our bouquets and table arrangements are curated by our team of expert florists to suit any decor, any season. Every month we offer fresh arrangements, flowers, and decor to celebrate the season and encourage creativity.


Our Business

You’re what makes our business go round, which is why we put customer care as our top priority. With every order, you can be sure you’re getting top quality flowers at the lowest price possible. We ship all orders out within 48 business hours and offer person-to-person customer service. As a young brand with a lot of heart, our goal is simply to provide you with the best experience from start to finish. If you ever have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at floral@floralgoods.com.


Thanks for stopping to hear our story. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @floralgoodsus and see what’s coming next.