The Rules For Flowers Putting

Posted on August 06 2019

The Rules For Flowers Putting
Normally, we would like to decorate our house with different ornaments while flower is the most popular one. However, do you know the rules for flowers putting and the right place for different flowers? This is the main content we talk below.

In living room, the glass vase in modern style can be besides sofa, fireplace, reminiscent of a few shelf and adornment ark.  They are complementary to other decorative items and beautify your life together. The living room is the place where family and friends gather together, so we can choose some bright color vase to bring impassioned feeling. The large bouquet flower matches with the vase will catch eyes at the moment you enter. Rose will be a better choice and put it on the large table will appear to be very warm. Also, if you want to decorate end table, combined cabinet or the grillwork on wall which are small places, you can use the small flowers in conical shape, such as daisy. Regarding the entrance of rooms or the passage that is narrow, if using flower arrangement to welcome visitors, it is best to choose simple and neat flower arrangements with cheerful colors. Flower arrangement should not be too large, but to be straight. Here we recommend calla.
Real Touch Calla Lily in Green and Yellow 16" Tall
Bedroom is the place that cannot only provide us the comfortable sleeping, but also can let us think our life and heal our soul. When we decorate the bedroom, we should consider that the color is not only the coordination but also to be contrast. The bedroom is the place where peace is most needed. So it is unnecessary to put too many flowers. We can insert several roses into a crystal clear and delicate vase, which will play both warm and not too flashy decorative role. The flower material in bedroom had better do not have fragrance as it may affect sleeping. Chrysanthemum flower is another good choice for bedroom and it gives people a feeling of peace and tranquility.
Light Pink Rose Hydrangea Mixed Flowers in Gold Metal Flower Pot 10" Tall
The flowers in study should be simple and concise. It is advisable to focus on foliage plants and embellish it with a few potted flowers. Take a large space study as example, a small delicate foliage plant can be put on the desk, such as asparagus fern, dieffenbachia Schott and sansevieria. It should not to be too much or too messy. On windowsill, we can put some slightly larger orchid and kaffir lily with cover of clean light color plastic pot or flower basket by bamboo weaving, which will appear simple but elegant. In the less conspicuous place, we can put two pots of medium sized flowers, such as orchid, jasmine and magnolia alba.

In dining room, normally, the flower arrangement is put on the dining table for festive feast. Besides the color should be fresh, we should also pay attention to that the appreciation from every angle needs to be ornamental. The vase should not be too high, or it will affect people’s sight. We recommend tulip as the table flower and put it at the middle position, so that everyone can have meals and appreciate the flower at the same time.

With regard to bathroom and kitchen, we can select the foliage plants that mainly with green leaves and intersperse it by yellow based grain plants. By considering that, lotus will be a perfect choice.
Small Green Hydrangea Bloom Stem
After talking all above we can see that the flower putting is an art, but as long as we know the rules clearly, it will be an easy and happy job to decorate our house with different flowers. Also, the specific characteristic of each type flower will be matched perfectly to certain scene.

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