Flowers On Different Occasions

Posted on July 16 2019

Flowers On Different Occasions

With the development of the social civilization, there are more and more commercial or social communications are going on according to different requirements. Flower has become more and more essential on these occasions, such as the wedding, the opening up of a business, the decorations of the hotels, restaurants, and the houses, etc. People manage the flowers based on different occasions. The use of different shapes and different varieties of flowers on different occasions is also need to be considered.


Many new couples are willing to make their wedding into the floral theme because it’s so beautiful and romantic. In the wedding, flowers are usually made into the flower bouquets, including the ordinary bouquets and the bridal bouquets. The bridal bouquet is a bouquet used in the wedding to go with the bride's wedding dress. It is usually in a round shape, an inverted shape, a radial shape, an inverted shape, and various free-form graphics. No matter what shapes of the flower bouquets, they are usually made of the roses, lilies and orchids, etc. The flower shape, color scheme and use of the ribbons of the bridal bouquet should be in harmony with the bride's body shape, temperament and costumes. A slender, in long-dressed bride should use a round or waterfall-shaped bouquet. For those who are shorter and wear short wedding dress, a shorter bouquet should be used. The dignified and quiet bride should be equipped with a round or inverted hanging bouquet. The lively bride can choose a free-style bouquet in the wedding. In addition, the color of the ribbon should match the color of the main flower in the bouquet.
rose bouquet flower bouquet

Business Occasions

As for some public occasions, we often send the flower baskets as a gift or for decorations. We put flower mud in various flower baskets, insert flowers on the flower mud, or directly use the vase or the dials to create different styles of flower arrangements. They can be used for gifts, stage placements, hall decorations, celebrations, etc. This can be divided into gift baskets, celebration flower baskets, decorative flower baskets and other types. You can choose the suitable flower baskets for different occasions and nowadays, the flower arrangement has become a work of art, therefore, you can enjoy the charming flowers in various of shapes.

Flower arrangement centerpiece

House Decorations

Since a long time ago, when people appreciated the beauty of the flowers, they are willing to use these flowers to decorate their house. If you have a garden, you are suggested to plant some garden flowers like the rose, hydrangea, hibiscus, lilac, and magnolia, etc. in it. They have their own flowering periods and if you put more heart on selecting the flower species, your garden will always have flowers in bloom. When it comes to the house decorations, flowers are the most common and the easiest option. It’s never wrong that you put a glass of flowers on your dinner table or on your living room table to create a warm and fragrant atmosphere. If you are going to hold a private party, you can prepare more flowers (it doesn’t matter if it’s fresh flower or the artificial flowers) to decorate the house. Just wrap some colorful decorative light bulbs on the flowers to make the whole party more active and joyful!
faux hydrangea artificial hydrangea green hydrangea

Personal Dress Up

Whether it is the decoration of the flowers on the clothes, the necklaces and bracelets of the flowers, or the tattoos of the flowers on the body, it is obvious that the elements of flowers have already penetrated into every aspect of our lives and become essential for our daily dress. According to your own temperament and appearance, choose the right floral jewelry, which will make your whole look more refined and unique.

In any case, flowers have become an indispensable accessory and social item in our daily lives. As long as we take a little care to choose the right flowers or floral products, it will bring a lot of beautiful stories to our lives.

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