The Romantic Encounter Between Flower and Vase

Posted on August 18 2019

The Romantic Encounter Between Flower and Vase
Vases can be divided into ceramic vases, glass vases, plastic vases, wooden vases, metal vases, rubber vases, gypsum vases, bamboo vases, resin vases according to their materials. According to the size, they can be divided into small vases, floor vases and super vases. Flowers and vases have unexpected charm when paired together. Thus, how can we use them to make imaginative flower arrangements? How can we use flowers and vases properly to make some excellent works? This time, we bring some super practical skills of flower collocation to all our friends who love art and flower design.

Let’s introduce some knowledge about flower and vase. If you want to make an excellent work, it is advisable that the flowers are about 1.5 to 2 times as long as vases. For example, a bunch of carnations about 30 centimeters long is suitable for a vase about 20 centimeters long. If you receive roses half a meter high, it will take about 30 centimeters for vases to support them well.

To begin with, because the transparent glass vase is the easiest to buy and to decorate. Also, it can set off the beauty of flowers well. Therefore, a lot of people will choose to buy them. With transparent glass vases, you need to have concise thinking. When matching flowers, you don’t need to make it too complicated, just emphasize the beauty of lines. That is to say, you can decorate with one or two flowers.
White Lian Flower with Green Leaf Stems Glass Vase Set 14" Tall
Secondly, narrow-mouth vase is also very popular among people. Because of the narrow-mouth nature, like small opening glass vase, clear art glass vase, a small number of flowers or a simple one or two, like lotus and rose can concave a good shape. However, you need to avoid choosing too much flowers, which are easy to appear heavy. Each flower has a separate vase, high and low, big and small. When they put together, it will have an unexpected effect.
Pink Purple Rose Hydrangea Mixed Flowers and Greenery in Glass Vase 27" Tall
Thirdly, cylindrical vases can provide a concise and clear structure in space. Whether cylindrical or square, flowers of appropriate length can be inserted in them, such as lily, sunflower and other long branches. Flowers with flourishing leaves, in particular, can create a lush sense of volume and also provide cover for the part of the rhizome that remains in the glass vase. In addition, it looks best when paired with full, large flowers such as tulips, orchids and roses.
Light Pink Rose Hydrangea Mixed Greenery in Metal Gold Vase
Moreover, the plain ceramic vase is probably the “high-level basic style” in the vase. It looks good when placed alone, and it can especially set off the bright color of the flowers like orchid and daisy.

Furthermore, large vases like blue print ceramic vase and glazed ceramic abstract brown stripe white vase can be placed on the living room table as home decorations. But, it needs a little flower embellishment to improve the precision of the whole room. You can decorate this kind of large vases with camellia, french rose and tulip which have bright colors. In sharp contrast with vases, the beauty of flowers is set off. Any coarse-branched flower is a good match for a large vase, including giant roses half a meter long or long hydrangeas.

Finally, you need to pay attention to the colors of flower and vase. Colorful vases can light up space, but don’t use red vases with purple flowers (or vice versa).

In short, flowers can be placed beautifully as long as they are paired with vases. There are different kinds of vases, including transparent glass vase, ceramic vase, colorful vase, wide-mouth vase, narrow-mouth vase, columnar vase and so on. In addition, there are countless flowers in our shop. You can choose your favorite products to create your unique flower Arrangement.

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